FintekNews Crowdfund Deal of the Day – SPUD Pop Up Display

FintekNews Friends, today we are featuring a crowdfund deal from Kickstarter as our “Deal of the Day”.  We found an amazing product called SPUD, short for “Spontaneous Pop-Up Display”.  And btw, it’s really a “pop up monitor”, but SPUD sounds better than SPUM,  yes?  It’s all in the marketing, folks.   

Anyhoo, according to their Kickstarter listing……

“SPUD is the only high resolution, 24-inch display with the awesome benefit of ultra-portability. It collapses just like a ruggedized umbrella to the size and weight of a paperback book – making it ideal for anyone on the go. 

When expanded, SPUD uses custom optics combined with the latest DLP technology to produce the sharp, bright image that you need. Either with an HDMI cable or wireless adapter, SPUD can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop – no matter where you are!”

The young team behind the device has an impressive group of backers and advisers, and won a $50,000 grant from the National Science Foundation as their first round of capital.  We watched the 3 minute product video on on their Kickstarter page, and it is truly a remarkable device that does indeed work like an umbrella and collapses to roughly the size of a paperback book, making it incredibly portable.

As of press time, they have raised $409,014 from 1,079 Kickstarter investors, with 34 more days to go on their campaign.  Now remember, we do NOT endorse any crowdfund deals we feature on FintekNews, we just think they’re cool!

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