FintekNews Crowdfund Deal of the Day – VetPronto on WeFunder

WeFunder is one of many crowdfund portals with deals available for investment, and they often have lots of interesting opportunities.  Because we love the critters of the world, we saw a listing for a company called VetPronto, which offers in-home on-demand veterinarian services.  We personally have used vets who do housecalls for years, and we think the idea of automating this service makes a lot of sense.  One of their investors, is none other than Shark Tank “Sharkette” Barbara Corcoran through her Venture Partners entity. 

According to their Wefunder page:

Our Ambition

We’re the first mobile service scaling house-call veterinarians for more convenient pet care. We’re active in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, where we have over 50 on-call vets and nurses and 3500 customers who book up to 4 appointments a year (the industry standard is only 2 a year). And they love us: that’s why we have a five-star Yelp rating from over 270 customers. The next step is to expand to New York, then across the U.S., so all pet-owners can call vets to their home for the best care.

Key Facts

  • 50+ Veterinary professionals / 3500 customers in LA and Bay Area
  • 40% of customers book follow-up appointments in 6 months
  • 35% Gross margins / 1 year customer LTV: $350
  • 5 Star Yelp rating with over 270 reviews
  • 15% Compounded monthly growth
  • 65% of all U.S. households own a pet

As of publication time, the entity had raised $208,000 from 336 investors toward a goal of $50K-$1M, with closing date on investments of March 8, 2017.

See Full Listing at WeFunder