FintekNews Crowdfunding Deal of the Day-Broadway Show “Starring Clara Bow”

Clara Bow Theatre Picture
FintekNews Friends, our friend Gene Massey, who we featured in a 3 Questions story several months ago, is involved in this crowdfunding deal, so we are pleased to showcase it for our readers.  Crowdfunding is definitely expanding, and Gene has stated that “The is the first time in History that non-accredited investors can invest in a Broadway show.”  So if you’re a fan of the theatre, take a look!

“Clara Bow had a truly fascinating life in Hollywood’s silent era and our musical brings to life the story of Clara’s meteoric rise from a life in abject poverty to super-stardom. She experienced untold suffering in a Brooklyn tenement from an abusive father and mentally ill mother, but winning a movie magazine contest bought her a trip to Hollywood and super-stardom.

As the most popular star of the silent era, Clara was loved by the public but shunned by the other stars of her time. Her captivating beauty attracted torrid affairs with Victor Fleming, Gary Cooper, and Gilbert Roland, and yet she walked away from Hollywood at the age of 26 to marry the man of her dreams. Clara’s fascinating story and our wonderful songs contain all the earmarks of a great piece of entertainment.
How will we make money for investors?
Obviously, the most significant revenue stream for any Broadway show is ticket sales.
But we also anticipate numerous ancillary opportunities for multiple revenue streams such as:

  • Regional touring shows of the play outside of New York.
  • Sales of song recordings and publishing
  • Licensing rights for worldwide markets, regional theatres and schools
  • Book and motion picture rights
  • Broadway memorabilia and other merchandise

It is hard to estimate the potential revenues from each of these streams in advance of a Broadway run, but they can be considerable if a Broadway run is successful. After paying production costs, royalties, and any debt that the company may incur in the future, our intention is to pay any net revenues to shareholders on a pari passu basis, with everyone holding the same class of stock as the principals, and with the same voting rights. Any determination to pay dividends in the future will be at the discretion of our board of directors.”Read Full Investment Listing at Startengine