FintekNews Deal of the Day – BigChain DB Raises $3.37M

Note from the Publisher:  Maybe we have blockchain filters in our sunglasses and that’s why all we see is blockchain, blockchain, blockchain, but it seems to us like it’s everywhere lately.  Yesterday’s FintekNeals Deal of the Day was a Chinese blockchain startup and today’s is a UK-based blockchain entity, BigChainDB which has received a Series A round totaling $3.37M from four investors. 

“……Whereas traditional databases are centrally controlled, BigchainDB is working to build a database that has “blockchain characteristics” and that is owned by its users……….

“Blockchain is a way to give access to assets equally. You’re still going to need intermediaries, but the access is equalized. They will never own your data like Google or Apple or Amazon.”

The company currently employs 15 people at its Berlin headquarters, and will hire three new developers and a business development manager with the additional capital.

To date, most of the firm’s existing revenue comes from one- to two-day consulting sessions and proof-of-concept builds with third-party companies, but ultimately, it hopes to generate revenue selling software licenses.”

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