FintekNews Deal of the Day – CharityStars Raises $2.22M

FintekNews loves our regular feature “Deal of the Day” featuring a new fintech daily which has recently received VC funding, and today’s is especially near and dear to our heart – the online charity auction site CharityStars.  We are certain that virtually none of our readers are aware that our publisher was raised in the auction business, eventually learned the craft from her father who was an acclaimed auctioneer in the Midwest, and has conducted dozens of live charity auctions over the years.

At any rate, UK-based CharityStars automates that process and enables charities worldwide to feature high end items for bidding on their online platform.  Client charitable organizations include WWF, Save the Children, Special Olympics, Elton John’s Aids Foundation and hundreds more.  Top items sold have included original artwork by Piccasso, Dali & Warhol, front row experiences at Milan fashion shows, and a business lunch with the founder of Candy Crush.  One of their current auctions includes the Range Rover owned by UK’s Prince William and Princess Kate that was used to drive her home after the birth of their son Prince George.  The platform can also be used by private donors selling personal items who wish to donate a portion of those proceeds to the charity of their choice. 

Payment is made to the seller two weeks after the sale.  The time lag is presumably necessary to facilitate the clearing of funds and transfer of merchandise worldwide.

Total Equity Funding
$3.6M in 4 Rounds from 5 Investors

Most Recent Funding
$2.22M Series A on August 8, 2016

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