FintekNews Deal of the Day – Farmers Business Network Raises $20M

Big data and peer-to-peer networking meets farming.  Today it is my great honor to feature Farmers Business Network as our FintekNews Deal of the Day.  I am the PROUD daughter of Illinois farmer and farm auctioneer – Doug Boomgarden – and have the deepest respect, affection and appreciation for our country’s farmers.  I remember riding the combine with my dad, and watching the endless hours my parents worked when it was time to plant or harvest.  These people have an amazing work ethic, a respect for the land, and create food for billions, all while running what appears simple to the uneducated but are in fact deceptively complex small- and large-businesses. 

From their website:

“Created by farmers for farmers, (Farmers Business Network) is an independent and unbiased farmer-to-farmer network of thousands of American farms. FBN democratizes farm information by making the power of anonymous aggregated analytics available to all FBN members. The FBN Network helps level the playing field for independent farmers with unbiased information, profit enhancing farm analysis, and network buying power.”

In fact, the company assists in financing for acquisitions and operations, offers group discounts on farm chemicals through their procurement operations, and provides price analytics and many more features that help independent farmers understand what’s going on and compete more effectively in the marketplace overall.

Fantastic platform, we say.

Total Equity Funding
$43.9M in 4 Rounds from 4 Investors

Most Recent Funding
$20M Series C on August 9, 2016

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