FintekNews Deal of the Day – Transferwise Lands $26M

Some days, as we search the globe for the top fintech VC deal to feature for our readers, it seems we can barely find a single one.  Other days, we encouter a virtual cornucopia of fintech deals to choose from, and such was the case today.

We decided to feature Transferwise, which has been operating since 2010 out of London and has an impressive group of angels and VCs onboard, including Sir Richard Branson and Paypal co-founder Mark Levchin.  Their premise is that they facilitate worldwide currency transfers but at the real exchange rate and at lower fees, and thus save senders up to 75% over other money transfer services.

They also did a great little publicity stunt in NYC where they stripped down to their underwear and ran around the city with flags with their corporate logo “in the name of transparency”, and you can see that on their website.  Seems as good a reason as any to use their services, right?

Total Equity Funding
$142.37M in 7 Rounds from 13 Investors

Most Recent Funding
$26M Series E on August 3, 2016

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