FintekNews-KFTX Fintech Index-11/15 Daily Closing Analysis 

Shift into drive. Out of reverse, out of neutral and back into drive for the fintech index. Starting to look like pressing the accelerator is the next course of action for the KFTX ‘hot rod’. While picking up speed the NASDAQ fintech index closed up 7.52 points at 1036.16 or +0.73%. Since the first of the month the index has produced a nice steady upward move.

Now, with 49 stocks to choose from in the KFTX, let’s see how many of those moved 2 points and/or 3% today:

+1.80  (37.55)  +5.03%

BOFI  +.91  (25.09)  +3.76%

CLGX  +1.65  (37.44)  +4.61%

EFX  +3.01  (118.15)

LC  +.21  (6.52) +3.33%   (Yeah baby, on the comeback trail)

MKTX  -2.00  (163.61)   (There’s always one. Everybody else was up)

Pay  +.53  (17.47)  +3.13%

Final tally:  29 up, 18 down and 2 unchanged.

Seems the fintech sector has firmed up a touch and is in the process of moving higher this week…… far. Rest of the week? Why shouldn’t it continue in a nice quiet way since no major news events are on the docket. Sleep tight.