FintekNews VC Deal of the Day – RiskIQ Lands $30M

RiskIQ is NOT a fintech, folks, so let’s clear that up right away.  What is is, though, is a cybersecurity firm and they play with some of the biggest dogs on the porch – eight of the top 10 financial institutions in the US, and five of the nine leading internet companies in the world.  Clients include Facebook, Under Armour & TripAdvisor, amongst others.  Because they are so heavily involved in the fintech sector, though, we are featuring them today as our FintekNews VC Deal of the Day. 

According to their Crunchbase profile:

“RiskIQ provides organizations the visibility and intelligence they need to secure their Enterprise Digital Footprint and map their Adversaries’ infrastructure. RiskIQ products, powered by a proprietary virtual-user technology, threat analysis engine, and global proxy network, enable an organization to defend against threats targeting its websites, mobile applications, brands, customers, and employees…… The company is headquartered in San Francisco and backed by Battery Ventures and Summit Partners.”

Their website scrolls some interesting facts:

“Fact 01
Did You Know?
Your brand is being used in app stores around the world–even though your company doesn’t have a mobile app.

Fact 02
Enhance Your Security Posture with RiskIQ
85% of surveyed organizations improved their security program in 3-6 months or sooner with RiskIQ.

Fact 03
Did You Know?
A competitor is buying up domain names containing your company’s brand name—then redirecting users to their sites.

Fact 04
92% of surveyed organizations
had partial visibility or less into their internet exposed digital assets before RiskIQ.

Fact 05
Did You Know?
Social media accounts that look and feel like yours are gaining popularity—and redirecting users to sites infected with malware.”

1 Acquisition

Total Equity Funding
$65.5M in 3 Rounds from 4 Investors

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