Firm Invests in Industrial Blockchain Companies

NEW YORK, Sept. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Elliptic Curve Ventures today announced the commencement of its operations providing seed and early-stage funding for companies focusing on industrial and business-to-business blockchain and fintech products. Specific focus areas will include disruptive technologies in credit, insurance, central banking, side-chains, and algorithm level enhancements.

Elliptic Curve Ventures is managed by Worth Venture Partners and springs from the collaboration of Matt Stack of XLP Capital, and Abby Flamholz and David Wertentheil of Worth Venture Partners. Explained Mr. Stack, “we believe that blockchain solutions have focused on revolutionizing retail financial services for the consumer, with emphasis on exchanges, wallets, and mobile apps. However, some of the most exciting developments over the past several years have been in algorithms that facilitate novel forms of institutional decentralization in structured financial products beyond cash, including decentralizing structured contracts, securities lending, re-hypothecation, and fractional reserving.”

Leveraging the combined experience as serial entrepreneurs and investors, Elliptic Curve Ventures will find and invest in technology teams with promising new approaches to and solutions for the institutional financial sector. Target investments will be startup companies that offer technologies that can disrupt the core mechanisms of institutional capital and risk allocation.

“Our model for investment,” stated Ms. Flamholz, “is to work with startup entrepreneurs to structure and deploy proof-of-concept pilots rapidly, leveraging our collective experience and contacts across the financial sector. We believe this model allows entrepreneurs to focus on technology solutions, with minimal distractions in the early stages of company formation.”

“We will focus on companies that could scale faster with access to our team’s resources and connections across the financial system.”