Five Predictions on Artificial Intelligence for 2018

Artifical Intelligence

Here come the predictions….for NEXT year. Yeah, I’m very sure nobody remembers last years predictions so lets ‘rinse and repeat’ and get into 2018. So, how will artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning fare next year? Here are 5 possible ways the ‘artificial brains’ will change everything. BUT, wouldn’t it be easier to just ask the robots already armed with that AI? Just asking.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“During 2017 it was hard to escape predictions that artificial intelligence is about to change the world. In 2018, this is unlikely to change. However, an increased focus on repeatable and quantifiable results is likely to ground some of the “big picture” thinking in reality.

Don’t get me wrong –  in 2018 AI and machine learning will still be making headlines, and there are likely to be more sensationalized claims about robots wanting to take our jobs or even destroy us. However, stories about real innovation and progress should start to receive more prominence as the promise of the smart, learning machines increasingly begins to bear fruit.

Here are my predictions for what we will see in 2018:

  1. There will be less hype and hot air about AI – but a lot more action

 With any breakthrough technology comes hype. As the arrival of functional and useful AI is something that has been predicted for centuries, it’s hardly surprising people want to talk about it, now it’s here…

2. More money will pour into AI enterprise projects than ever before

Spurred on by the successes achieved by innovators and market leaders in 2017, more and more businesses will launch initiatives involving AI..

3. A lot of AI projects will fail, in a costly manner.

This is a sad fact about many projects involving new and often untested technology and has existed down the ages. In some cases it’s down to the risks accepted by every pioneer..

4. The way we interact with machines will continue to shift towards voice

Just as Echo and Alexa have invaded our homes, conversational interfaces will become increasingly common when it comes to interacting with technology in a business environment…

5. Robots will become more closely involved in looking after our health and wellbeing…

As this technology is proving to be successful in pilots we should expect to see it moving into wider operational use in the next year…”

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