Forex in Cryptocurrencies

Note from the Publisher:  We’re singing it again from our soapbox.  Whether you like (or understand) them or not, digital currencies are here to stay.  Though some forex brokers have been slow or remiss to jump on the digital currency (and primarily bitcoin) bandwagon, FXOpen has already moved on, and now offers trading with Bitcoin, Etherum and even Dash (another digital currency). 

“Retail forex broker FXOpen is again showing its commitment to cryptocurrency users by enabling the deposit and withdrawal of funds via the world’s second most valuable blockchain asset by market cap – Ethereum….It should be noted that FXOpen now allows making transactions via ETH only, and does not support the forked out “Ethereum Classic” (ETC)….

Back in May FXOpen launched Ethereum-based trading pairs, offering access to both ETH/USD and ETH/BTC for both its live and demo clients….

In June FXOpen also introduced Dash-based pairs – again the first ever in the forex market to do so – offering access to DSH/BTC as well as ETH/RUB (ether/Russian ruble).”

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