Frothy Fun From France – KFTX Fintech Index & Market Overview (4/24)

Really? All this enthusiasm and bullish market movement from an election in France that just narrowed the field for the next “real” election (May 7) down to two potential presidents? One, a young (very young) gentleman who has never held political office and seems to have married his former school teacher who is 24 years his senior, or two, a strong woman who heads a political party her father started, worked her way up by being a strong nationalist with ambitions to take France out of the EU, ban Muslims, curb immigration and “make France great again”. And people (maybe half) here in the U.S. are anti-Trump?  So what do you do with THAT? Well, put risk on and buy stocks. ANY STOCKS. Give me stocks, give me stocks.

No matter why, the major averages (DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite) all opened higher, marched higher and stayed higher all day. Each of those averages closed +1% or more and are now closer to “the market top” then they were Friday. Investors, traders and robots are getting just plain giddy and are not interested is noticing weakness in oil or the nagging question of why interest rates are staying persistently low. Either bonds have it wrong, or the market has it wrong. Could somebody have hacked the artificial intelligence (AI) programmed into the robots? Oh gasp!

Now, with all the words of warning (don’t let the kids read all that………nightmares ya know) lets take a quick look at the fintech sector. I use the KBW NASDAQ fintech index KFTX to track that sector as it does not include the heavily crowded big name favorites (Amazon, Tesla, Google, etc) but rather more “nuts and bolts” type stocks. The KFTX closed at 1153.07, up 12.24 points (+1.08%) and pretty close to an all time high. The advance decline showed 46 issues up and only 4 down. Lets call that very good breadth. Should you want a little better insight here’s the link to the KFTX:

So, the rest of the week? I remain very VERY cautious and urge not getting caught up in the frothy moment. Remember, as good as these markets look, they only got plus for the month of April today. Early April is so back brain. This may be the “blow-off” action that leads to a top. And yes kids, there is (will be) a top. Have a nice evening.