Gate.IO Launches Wallet.IO for the Safe and Convenient Storage of Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

Top ten crypto exchange platform Gate.IO launches Wallet.IO to keep users money safe

15th November, 2018 UK: Blockchain assets exchange platform, Gate.IO has today announced the launch of Wallet.IO, a free, easy to access wallet which supports a vast amount of the major cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH as well as virtual tokens.

Unlike traditional personal wallet solutions, Wallet.IO uses a balanced approach to keep users money safe. The platform safeguards funds and ensures they are secured safely, in the same way as a banking system, through the engagement of multiple verifications such as 2FA and Google Authenticator.

Developed to meet the need for security and simplicity for customers, users of the Wallet can automatically synchronise their data on any device, anywhere. It also enhances the user experience as the wallet can login automatically with the same account, helping to keep their funds safe and secure.

Wallet.IO is an enhanced platform compared to the traditional Onchain, as users don’t need to record and save mnemonic phrases or private keys through their own accord. This way, users won’t have to worry about their mobile phones or computers being compromised, and it ensures platform funds are well secured.

Virgilio Lizardo, Vice President of International Affairs at Gate.IO commented on the launch, “We launched Wallet.IO to help our users easily follow our recommendations to keep their funds safe. We recommend that users only keep the amount they wish to trade on our platform and store the rest of the funds in a secure wallet.”

Ensuring that user security is a top priority, Wallet.IO differs from other platforms as it can’t use the funds in the user account. This way, assets are clearly visible in the chain and prevents fraud. Also, unlike many other wallets, all users balances and transactions are recorded on the blockchain, therefore nobody can override it without the users authorisation.