Goji Launches First P2P Lending Bond

P2P Bond
You just can’t keep up with the pace on innovation in fintech.  Today, British firm Goji has announced they’re launching a P2P lending bond, with the intent to target FAs and wealth managers with an easily investible product in the peer-to-peer lending space.  According to their website they’re targeting a 5% return, “uncorrelated to mainstream assets, like stocks and bonds, h
igher (interest rates) than those available from traditional savings accounts, and less volatile than traditional fixed income investments.”

Sadly, they are British-based, so this won’t be available to American investors just yet.  Still, bonds signal “safety” to many, so we assume that if it’s successful, we’ll see similar products roll out in the United States and worldwide in the not too distant future.  We applaud the product innovation.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

Specialist provider of P2P and marketplace lending products and services, Goji, announced on Wednesday it is launching a diversified peer-to-peer lending bond. The company reports that this bond will open access for financial advisers and wealth managers to the fast-growing and attractive P2P and direct lending market.

Goji claims its diversified P2P lending bond is the first ready-made product that will provide easy access for advisers and wealth managers to this attractive asset class. The bond is notably eligible for inclusion within the Innovative Finance ISA, offering an attractive, tax-efficient and highly diversified product for investors in the next tax year.  Jake Wombwell-Povey, CEO, Goji, stated:

“Goji’s aim is to combine traditional financial services expertise with innovative technology to open this exciting asset class for new investor markets. With the launch of our Diversified P2P Lending Bond, wealth managers can engage clients for the first time with a carefully designed product, with risk management and portfolio construction at its core, that is covered fully by the FOS. The product’s eligibility for inclusion in the new Innovative Finance ISA makes it ideal for investors seeking steady, low-volatility returns in 2017-18…”

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