Gold & Bitcoin Parity Party Contest from FintekNews

FintekNews invites one and all to enter our Parity Party contest to pick the day that BITCOIN will reach parity with GOLD, and at what price (in USD).

FintekNews has been predicting in its daily pricing newsletter column – ‘Bitcoin vs Gold’ – that not only will bitcoin reach parity with gold BUT will trade at a premium to gold in the future.

So, now you can help predict what day parity will be reached, and enjoy international notoriety for doing so as well!

Become a Parity Party Participant!

  • Enter to pick what day bitcoin will reach parity with gold.*
  • The winner will receive a “3 Questions With” Feature on FintekNews, reaching hedge funds, venture capitalists, wealth managers and fintech professionals , plus publicity to financial media and social media worldwide
  • To enter the contest fill in the form below, including:
    • Your Name
    • Your Email
    • Subject Line – Enter “Contest”
    • Message – Enter the date you think parity will be reached and the US dollar value (Example Entry: September 6, 2017 & $1450). In the event that multiple entries win, the first entrant to have both the correct date and correct amount entered will be the winner (or the closest date and the correct amount if nobody selects the correct date
  • All entrants agree to receive a free subscription to the FintekNews daily newsletter  (you may opt out in the future if you wish, but why would you want to??!!)

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