Gold Predicted to Be Priceless By 2020….And A Gold ICO!

Gold ICO

OK, what do GOLD and fintech have in common? Well. I’m’ gonna tell you. The CEO of FintekNews (uh, me) is doing an ICO that will encompass some cryptocurrencies  AND the very new digital gold from the CME & UK’s Royal Mint based on blockchain technology. Get it? Gold, bitcoin, digital gold & blockchain. Yeah….fintech. So, when I see an article making the same case we have that there is going to be a HUGE resurgence in gold……..we pass it on. Oh, if interested in the ICO……call me?
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Over the next few years as debt, currencies and countries start to fall apart individuals will be looking to place their money where it will hold its value and buying power during times of extreme uncertainty.

If you eliminate fiat currencies which are created out of this air and are nothing more than a credit we are left with precious metals and stones. As much as we have evolved over time, we could be valuing things like gold, silver, platinum, and precious stones more so than our currency.

Let’s face it, currencies are swinging in value 20-50% regularly and while most people do not realize it their buying power often is not as strong as it was. Would you rather hold a large portion of your capital in say the EURO which is falling like a rock in value costing you thousands of dollars a month, or would gold and silver which rises in value as your currency falls be a smarter decision?

Do not get me wrong, I am not trying to be a doom and gloom analyst. And I hope to be wrong, but with so many things pointing to an extreme global change it only makes sense to add some protection in the event something drastic does happen…”

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