The Golden Age of Fintech is Here, According to Fintech Evangelist Ron Suber

Ron Suber

Our friend Ron Suber, a/k/a “the Godfather of Fintech”, has been keeping a frenetic pace since exiting Prosper earlier this year, and recently delivered the keynote at the Lend360 conference, which he stated would be his last in North America before he moves on later this year to Australia and Southeast Asia, and then off to Africa next year for a teaching stint with Opportunity International.  Here’s a look at what he has been up to and where he feels the industry is headed.
(Cindy Taylor)

Ron Suber has become one of the most recognizable voices in the global Fintech arena. Since officially departing the Fintech he helped to create, the former President of Prosper Marketplace has become an elder statesman for online lending and financial innovation in general. An active investor in dozens of early stage Fintech firms including the Vice Chairman role at Credible, Suber has spent years evangelizing on the need to improve upon existing analog financial services. He believes Fintech can provide access to sophisticated banking services for the underbanked at a far lower cost. Suber frequently expresses shares his vision of the future of finance. This past week, Suber provided a keynote address at the Lend360 conference where he explained the Golden Age of Fintech to the standing room only crowd.  He also announced it would be his final appearance as the “Godfather of Fintech”.

Suber joined Prosper Marketplace in 2013 as part of a plan to reinvigorate and recapitalize the small online lender. At the time Suber joined, Prosper was doing about $9 million in in monthly loan originations. Today, Prosper has originated over $10 billion in consumer loans establishing itself as a leading marketplace lending platform. Suber departed Prosper earlier this year and as Peter Renton stated at that time ““No one has done more to promote this industry over the past five years than Ron Suber. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for being the de facto industry spokesman. We really need someone to take the baton from Ron and continue sharing the gospel of fintech far and wide. I am not sure who that person will be, but Ron has left some pretty big shoes to fill.”…

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