Google Looks to Disrupt the Job Search Market

Job Search

So, looking for a new job? Specific job? Any job? Well here comes Google to help you and make the whole job search process much more simple, or to the recruiting industry, DISRUPT this $200 Billion market. There are so many components to a job search that makes finding the right situation and company culture just almost impossible (like for one, how many ways to say Marketing Manager?). So, Google is going to use new technology to make it all easy. Of course that means meeting that super cute recruiter for an interview is over. Ah well.
(Bill Taylor, CEO)

Several billions of dollars are spent on job advertising (Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, and others compete for this market) and even after people apply, companies on average spend approximately $4,000 per candidate on interviewing, scheduling, and assessment to decide if someone is right for a job. We estimate that the entire recruitment market is over $200 billion worldwide, and nearly every employer is a participant.

For job seekers, the search process can be agonizing, difficult, and frightening. Unlike other searches on the internet, a job search is a very personal thing. You are looking for a position that fits your needs, a job with a company that fits your personality and lifestyle, and an employer that is physically close enough that you can commute or relocate without impacting your family and daily life. All these search “criteria” are important, and almost none of this information is embedded in the job description.

While companies like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn, and others try to give companies branded pages to promote their company culture and wonderful workplaces, most job descriptions are limited, out of date, and often poorly written – making it hard to tell whether the job is quite what you want…

Just as Google continues to improve its search capability for restaurants to be “smarter,” using data like location, similar searches you’ve performed, and demographic data about you, so can Google do the same for jobs. One of the features in the Google Jobs project is to search by “commute time.” Rather than look for a job within a certain number of miles from your home, Google can use Google maps data to tell you precisely how long it will take you to get to this job.

Imagine, for example, searching for “second line manager jobs in my profession which need my type of experience that are within a 30 minute commute of my home.” This is the type of search that will become possible with Google’s technology….

Source: Forbes