Google Gets Cozy with Paypal

google gets cozy
We at FintekNews just ran an article yesterday that said Apple was pulling ahead of Google in the payments space and here we see Google getting in bed with PayPal. Boy, these folks really sleep around looking for that “perfect” relationship. Well of course Google and PayPal already are in a relationship and this just deepens that coziness by letting PayPal users link to Android Pay and opens the door to many more retail locations (Walgreens, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc). Hmmmmmm, maybe Apple, Google and PayPal should all get together and own the WHOLE sector (threesome?).
(Bill Taylor, CEO)

PayPal Holdings Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google deepened their relationship with a new agreement that enables payments through the tap of a phone from PayPal accounts at thousands of new retail locations.
The partnership lets PayPal users link their accounts to Android Pay, Google’s digital wallet, on smartphones running most versions of the Android operating system. This makes PayPal a funding option when people use Android Pay in locations including Walgreens Boots Alliance drug stores and Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants. PayPal was added as a payment method for Google’s Play app and digital content store almost three years ago.
PayPal CEO Dan Schulman has been busy cutting deals with banks, credit card issuers and wireless carriers to convert PayPal from a payments button on websites into a versatile financial tool used to make payments in stores, transfer money overseas and shop from smartphones on the go. The Android Pay deal increases PayPal’s reach in stores, which Schulman sees as key to getting customers to use PayPal more frequently than the current average of two to three transactions per month.
“This is the next logical step in our desire to partner with everyone in the ecosystem,” said Aunkur Arya, senior vice president at PayPal unit Braintree, which enabled the Android Pay tie-up. “These partnerships don’t happen unless there’s value for both sides.”
Source: Bloomberg