Google to Launch Robo?

Note from the CEO:  Shhhhhhhh!!! Wealth managers looking at robo-advisors, big name investment firms and other boutique firms offering new technology investment advisor tools……………..look behind you. Its GOOGLE. Think they won’t be the big player?

“Ask any wealth manager who their future competitors will be and they’ll probably say one of the big-name private banking brands or a local boutique offering similar products and services to their own. They may mention an emerging robo-advisor with DIY investment tools or a professional services organisation with a wealth advisory proposition. Few would say Google. And yet from the client perspective, a search engine could be the future market leader in wealth.

In a recent survey we conducted with technology solutions provider, FactSet, Google was deemed by HNWIs to have the most exciting potential as a wealth management service. From the client perspective, Google embodies a good corporate culture; one that gives ultimate control to the user, is geared to provide transparency and facilitates efficient information management and delivery.”

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