Gradifi Tackling Student Loan Debt with MasterCard

From the Publisher:  Whether you “Feel the Bern” or not, no doubt Bernie Sanders has helped bring to the forefront the issue of the massive looming student loan debt crisis.  Gradifi is doing their part to help ease the burden.  Check out their website:

“Gradifi founder Tim DeMello doesn’t have an outbound sales team. That’s how big the student loan problem is.

When Boston based Gradifi first launched its student loan paydown plan, 456 companies reached out wanting to sign up for the benefit.

Employers want to attract and retain employees and unfortunately one of the best ways to do that right now is by offering student loan assistance benefits. Small businesses and enterprises can use Gradifi to contribute money towards the student loan debt of employees.

Gradifi has 20 companies registered and has another 80 scheduled for on-boarding through Q4 2017. PricewaterhouseCoopers signed on to Gradifi in January. Nearly $150 million in student loans are registered on the Gradifi platform.”

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