Guns & Blockchain

Note from the CEO:  Although confrontations with police will certainly continue to be a daily occurrence, this “Glockchain” technology will help curb violence and increase accountability.  Why is this in FintekNews you ask? Well, because the backing for “Glockchain” pilot project is backed by none other than NASDAQ, Citi Ventures, Fidelity and Liberty Mutual.  Pretty cool.

“There have been a lot of reports in the U.S. concerning police shootings. Now, a new project called Glockchain is trying to curb violence by using blockchain technology to record an officer anytime their gun is drawn or fired.

The Glockchain team is designing a firearm that could significantly hold law enforcement accountable in the future. The project is one of the new pilots backed by Ideo coLAB, a partnership between Liberty Mutual, Citi Ventures, Fidelity, and Nasdaq. Glockchain’s creators claim this prototype is unlike traditional smart gun technology.”

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