Haven Life Leverages Technical Innovation and Customer Feedback to Change the Life Insurance Buying Experience

NEW YORK, Oct. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Great news for busy people who are looking to protect their loved ones with affordable, dependable term life insurance. Life just got a little bit easier.

Haven Life, a life insurance startup that’s backed and wholly owned by MassMutual, today announces a redesigned experience that leverages technical innovation, industry learnings and, most importantly, customer feedback (we’re really good listeners), to make buying life insurance actually simple.

Haven Life’s underwriting platform, which uses AI to analyze applicant information and compare it with historical outcomes, is at the core of the streamlined buying experience. It powers the ability to provide real policy rates in a matter of minutes, an immediate decision on eligibility, and, in some cases, coverage without a medical exam.* End result: a very simple, very fast way to get fully medically underwritten term life coverage.

“We’ve always had bigger ambitions for Haven Life,” said Yaron Ben-Zvi, CEO and Co-Founder. “When we first launched, we were mostly focused on showing that technology could be used to make buying life insurance simpler and more approachable. We did that. Now, we’re turning our attention to delivering the best possible end-to-end experience and developing a new kind of life insurance brand.”

The new Haven Life features:

  • Real rates > quotes: The life insurance quote has been the industry-standard first step for decades, which made sense when it took several weeks to secure coverage. But now, buying quality term life insurance can be completed online confidently – often in a single sitting. Haven Life sees an opportunity to provide more transparency, accuracy, and personalization around pricing than ever before. By answering just a few additional questions online, customers can get a more accurate rate on a Haven Term policy that, in many cases, can be purchased immediately.
  • A shortened, friendlier application: Fact: term life insurance applications don’t need to be long, tedious affairs. Haven Life now offers a path to purchase that feels more like engaging in a friendly conversation than filling out a long and confusing insurance form. Many Haven Term applicants will only answer around 30 clear, conversational questions instead of 60 to 100 to apply for the same medically underwritten policy.
  • Optimization for all devices: In the past two years, Haven Life has seen a dramatic increase in the number of customers who purchase life insurance from their smartphones. The new buying experience is optimized to be convenient and enjoyable across all the latest devices. Consider it anytime, anywhere life insurance – as long you have internet access, of course.
  • New look, new logo, same mission: Haven Life is debuting a design system that is heavily influenced by its learnings these past two years. The visual identity is fresh, modern, trustworthy – key attributes today’s life insurance buyers value. And while the brand has undergone a strategic overhaul, the startup’s principles remain unchanged: to make life less hard.

Visit havenlife.com.

*Issuance of the Haven Term policy without a medical exam may depend upon the answers to the health questions set forth in the application.