Hedge Fund Bitcoin Call

Note from the CEO:  For myself and FintekNews-thank you, thank you and ‘Yeah, we are good’. A few months ago we made the point that “Bitcoin IS the new Gold” and track that comparison daily in collaboration with the CME and Crypto Facilities. (remember, the CME is the innovator of the globe…….I can do great discussion on that too). So, here is an article validating our bitcoin/gold safe haven stance. Thanks again out there.

German investment fund Acatis and its founder Hendrik Leber have integrated bitcoin into some of its portfolios as a hedge against uncertainty. Brilliant and great to see their clients have access to forward thinking managers. Super read and validation.

Hendrik Leber is the founder of Acatis, an investment fund company for wealth managers and banks. Acatis manages around €3.5 billion for its clients and is the first traditional investor globally to have integrated bitcoin into its portfolio. In an exclusive interview with BTCManager, Leber explains how he came to Bitcoin and what is the role of the cryptocurrency in a portfolio.

You recently integrated Bitcoin in the global balanced fund Acatis Datini Valueflex. How did you come to this decision?

There have been different initiators. First I listened to Carsten Otto of P2P Labs at the Frankfurt University. After this presentation, I understood Bitcoin and the Blockchain for the first time. A second initiator was Patrick Huble, from the think tank 2iQ, with which we co-operate. He keeps me up-to-date and told me much about Bitcoin.  

What makes Bitcoin interesting for you as a wealth manager?

Many colleagues use gold to protect themselves from uncertainties. I thought that bitcoin can do the same. Bitcoin is limited, it is mined, Central Banks cannot access it, it can be transferred across borders. In times of uncertainties and the manipulation of financial markets, Bitcoin is a real alternative.”

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