Hedge Funds & Fintech

Note from the CEO: Turn the corner and another way (5 in this piece) that fintech will change industries. This time hedge funds. From a long time market veteran I thought I had seen ALL the changes, but these are pretty interesting.

“FinTech innovations are impacting many verticals of the financial services industry. This includes the hedge fund industry, which may look very different in the years to come.

Whilst the focus in the media is often about artificial intelligence and machine learning replacing human hedge fund managers in managing portfolios, many other FinTech innovations may have a quicker and more direct impact on the broader hedge fund ecosystem and its traditional dynamics.”

BTW, the five ways include: 

1) The Uber or Crowdfunding of Portfolio Managers

2) The Spotify of Investment Research

3) Virtual Capital Introduction Conferences

4) Collaboration Is the New Idea Generation

5) Big Data Providing True Market Sentiment

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