Hitachi Solutions America Announces Latest Version of B2B and B2C Ecommerce

Hitachi Solutions America Ltd., a leading provider of global industry solutions powered by the Microsoft Cloud, has released the latest version of its Ecommerce platform. This update provides a suite of sophisticated features for B2B and B2C clients that make the online sales offering more agile, intuitive, and powerful.

Significant new functionality for B2C clients include:

  • Advanced Search – The platform now takes advantage of Apache Solr, a powerful, open source search engine that greatly speeds and enhances search capabilities
  • Enriched Caching — Merchants can now quickly and easily make changes to products, images, and inventory tracking numbers on their web store and have the modifications appear to shoppers almost immediately without having to refresh the entire site
  • Dynamic Content on the Fly – The platform now leverages Razor syntax that allows users to easily implement dynamic scrolling and parallax functionality and quickly change the look and feel of their online stores

Highlights of new B2B features include:

  • Touch Enabled – Order entry features a responsive, fully touch enabled UI, allowing sales staff to use tablets and phones in the field – increasing sales and making the process faster, easier, and more accurate.
  • Added Payment Options – B2B users can now pay their invoices using Paypal via a customer self-service portal, eliminating the need for providing credit card or bank details

“The latest version of our Ecommerce platform delivers an advanced, modern feature set that is usually only found in large enterprise-level solutions, yet it remains cost-effective and manageable for our mid-sized clients,” said Ranjit Goray, vice president of Ecommerce, Hitachi Solutions America, Ltd. “It’s exactly what they need to give their customers the personalized, omnichannel journey they expect while getting the most value out of their online presence.”

Hitachi Solutions Ecommerce is an end-to-end platform that is optimized for B2C and B2B sales and customer service. Working seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, it provides a robust and responsive online sales channel that is quick and easy to implement, plays to customer interests and needs, and delivers a consistent and convenient customer-focused experience. The Ecommerce platform allows our clients to:

  • Reach new customers and retain existing ones
  • Increase online sales and conversions
  • Gain visibility into operations and customer needs
  • Improve customer service while reducing costs
  • Simplify back-office functions