How to Avoid Bitcoin Scams

Note from the Publisher:  This useful article gives investors some great tools for avoiding scam artists and ponzi schemes in the often cryptic world of digital currency investments.

“The most common tactic to determine how legitimate a particular Bitcoin company is comes in the form of looking up user reviews. This may sound like a logical step, but very few people seem to do their own homework when it comes to investment programs. Big ROI percentages and a fancy design can do strange things with the human mind; that much is certain.

There are two possible scenarios when it comes to these reviews: they are telling a clear story, or there is none to be found. If the latter is the case, it would be best to avoid the service altogether, regardless of how “new’ it may claim to be. If there are plenty of reviews, on the Bitcointalk forum, for example, make sure to check the accounts vouching for a service. Newbie accounts add zero credibility to any claims, as do accounts with negative trust ratings. Common sense goes a long way in this scam detective business.”

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