How to Regulate Bitcoin?

Note from the CEO: Worldwide countries, states, central banks and…….well every regulator (don’t get me started on financial regulators) is trying to “rule up” bitcoin. They want to (kind of), they don’t want to or they just plain don’t know how to. But guess what? That’s what disruptive technology is doing everywhere. It is too big and growing faster than you can say committee meeting.

“Make no mistake; regulators have one desperate mission when it comes to Bitcoin. Keep it in check. Yet, they don’t seem to be doing a good job there. They are fumbling a lot. Drafting bills, shelving them and going back to the drawing board has become the cycle……..

This dilemma is playing out around the world. But how can it be fixed?


In early 2015, California Assemblyman Matt Dababneh drafted a bill that has become popularly known as the AB-1326 bill. If it becomes law, the bill would regulate businesses that have sprung up around Bitcoin that are operating in the western US state………


Meanwhile, the Russian government has been having its own fumbling moment with Bitcoin. For some time, it has been working on a law that would criminalize the cryptocurrency. The country’s ministry of finance had even drafted and prepared a bill ready for the legislating body……

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