How to Make $2B in Fintech in 10 Months

Note from the Publisher:  I REALLY REALLY wish I was this smart, but even if not, it’s fun to watch brilliant people succeed.  WB21, a Swiss-based digital bank offering the ability to open accounts in in 180 currencies, and 18 countries, has reached a valuation of $2.2B USD, technically qualifying it as a “unicorn” and already has over 1 million customers worldwide, and they’re not even a year old!  Fintech is now what the internet was in the 90’s. 

“Recently, I met Mr. Michael Gastauer, who is an impressive man. His estimated net worth, which is around $2.1 billion USD has been acquired through a $480 million company sale and founding of a $2.2-billion startup. Having founded WB21 Group’s first company in Switzerland ten months ago, he has progressively grown it into a FinTech Unicorn.

I was curious to learn more about the company, as it just reached 1 million users.

With a portfolio expanding the globe, WB21 has opened up offices in all 4 corners of the world. With offices in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Singapore and soon Berlin, Gastauer has no plans to stop the momentum.”

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