How To Stand Out in a Hyped Up Fintech Market

By Joy Schoffler, CEO of Leverage PR

Talk about the fintech revolution is everywhere. From startups to large institutions, it seems that everyone is jumping on the fintech bandwagon. In fact, as of January this year, Forbes reported an estimated 5000-6000 fintech startups all vying for similar market share.

Fintech startups in the U.S. have raised more than $8 billion in venture capital funding so far this year alone and that number continues to grow. With new fintech solutions popping up daily, how do you differentiate yourself in a market that is rapidly becoming saturated with this ever-so-popular moniker?

We invite you to join our four panelists to learn about how you can take your company from buzz word status to public listing – and all the steps along the way – to ensure your fintech brand stands out from the pack.

This is an exciting opportunity for these leaders to come together at SXSW Interactive 2017 to present this extraordinary panel, but we need your involvement. The selection process is highly competitive, and your vote will help get us there.

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About the Speakers

Houston Frost co-founded Akimbo Financial, a fintech startup driven by the mission to reinvent the consumer payment card, successfully exiting a mere four years later when he sold the company to publicly traded Payment Data Systems. He currently serves as its SVP of Corporate Development and Prepaid Products.

Stessa Cohen, research director at Gartner’s Banking and Investment Services, is an internationally recognized expert on the digital transformation of the global consumer banking industry.

Patrick O’Meara is an accomplished investor and entrepreneur and currently serves as President of Inveniam Capital Partners. O’Meara worked at Bear Stearns & Raymond James before launching his own investment firm that became the leader in debt and equity issuance for a niche market for more than 14 years before selling the firm.  He currently provides strategic advice on accessing capital markets, raising debt and equity capital for expansion, restructuring, turnarounds and startups.

Joy Schoffler, CEO and principal of Leverage PR, is an active leader in the technology community. As the sole PR and marketing industry voice on the panel, Schoffler is a branding guru that has guided numerous fintech startups to success.