How Women Could Rewrite The Future of Bitcoin

Women in Fintech

By Bill Taylor/Managing Editor

Bitcoin has had a pretty nice bounce off the bottom of the deep selloff earlier this year in March, and looks like a new upward move to new heights has begun (?). AND, you might wonder, what will it take to get BTC to new highs? Some say hedge funds. Some say institutions (family offices, private equity, etc). BUT, how about……….WOMEN? Over the past few years the spectacular rise in bitcoin was driven by…….gasp….men. There was an analysis of Google searches that showed 95% of people Googling bitcoin were male and only 5% female. Another study has only 4% of Ethereum traders being female. What’s up with this?

So, are women missing out? Are they smarter then men and not being drawn into a “bubble”? Too cautious? Or, not being marketed to? After all women are 51% of the population, account for 60% of the wealth and 80% of all consumer spending. Oh yeah, they also control a majority of American wealth. Weaker sex, my [email protected]@….

Now that bitcoin is down more than half of the all time high of around $20,000 it is going to need some new participants to begin buying to get the next leg going. Recently John Pfeffer of Pfeffer Capital has called for bitcoin to hit $700,000 and Tim Draper (venture capital) predicted $250,000 by 2022. Are women going to be left out of some huge gains (again) in this sector? Or perhaps just getting the 5% female participation rate in bitcoin up to a 50% (yeah, they are half the populace) will jump start the next leg up for bitcoin. I was going to say, are women going to let all of us men get all the money again? But here’s a good quote from a woman.

Alexia Bonatsos, the former co-editor of TechCrunch, recently sent out the following tweet in January: “Women, consider crypto. Otherwise the men are going to get all the wealth again.”

Oh, and do any of our female readers have a price prediction for bitcoin? I would love to hear from you and we’ll be happy to do a follow up to this story with those price predictions.