HuffPo’s 2017 Fintech Predictions

Note from the Publisher:  Folks, since this is a shortened holiday week, we’re on a reduced publishing schedule, but we have promised to give you LOTS OF PREDICTIONS for fintech the coming year.  To that end, HuffPo has jumped into the game, with THEIR 5 fintech predictions for 2017.  Not usually one of our “go to” sources for all things fintech, but the sheer fact that they’re running this story should demonstrate how mainstream fintech has become in 2016.

“Five years ago, the mention of “Fintech” might cause your eyes to glaze over and now it has become one of the hottest industries in the startup world. Go figure! If you take a look at the truly remarkable and profit-driven innovations that have been coming out of Silicon Valley as of late, you’ll understand why so many entrepreneurs and investors are jumping on the bandwagon……

Fintech continues to drastically change the landscape for numerous industries and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Here are some of the top trends you can look out for in 2017, according to the experts:

1. Credit/ debit cards will become useless…..

2. Payment security will be enhanced through phones…..

3. Consumer’s expectations for “instant service” becomes greater…..

4. Invoicing will become less burdensome…..

5. Artificial intelligence will rise……”

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