Hula Emojis & Banking Fintech

Note from the Publisher:  In this quirky piece, Tradestreaming reports that Bank of Hawaii has added emojis, a/k/a “Hawaiiemojis” to its banking app for its customers, making the case that emojis can create a cultural connection and bonding to a brand.  That’s an interesting theory, in our books!

Emojis, the digital ideograms and smileys, have become an intrinsic component of texting – so much so that Oxford Dictionary’s 2015 Word of the Year was an emoji: ? , “’ace with Tears of Joy’.

Personalized emojis can be a lucrative and brand-strengthening investment. Witness reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s emoji empire, Kimoji, which became the top-grossing entertainment app on the App Store on the day of its release in December 2015. In June 2016 alone, the app was downloaded 30K times and grossed $100K.

While it makes sense for celebrity and retail brands to develop their own emoji identities, the draw for professional finance brands is less obvious. It seems unlikely that Wells Fargo would earn trust points with SMBs if they launched Wells Fargo emojis, just as it seems improbable that investors at JP Morgan Chase would be reassured by an emoji of dollar signs or of Jamie Dimon.”

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