IBM Goes Ape for Apps

Note from the CEO: Oh, here’s a surprise. IBM is ‘all in’ on the new blockchain they have been developing and building for the past few years. Kind of like Delta Airlines saying they are “all in” on flying airplanes. Go Big Blue, and get those yearly declining revenues up as well.

Another great article announcing and explaining that Big Blue (IBM) is speeding up development of their blockchain-based applications for business. IBM is turning itself into a high tech company…………..again. I believe that’s how they began originally. Back to your roots and go all in.

“IBM today announced a program designed to speed up the development of blockchain-based applications for business.

Blockchain technology — which enables secure, decentralized recording of information — has been picking up interest over the past year or two for the variety of important applications it could support. In the finance world, it can reliably and securely record transactions; in manufacturing, it can aid product recalls by keeping a record of the full supply chain of a product; in shipping, it can record the temperatures of medicines or perishables during transport to ensure they stay within contracted ranges; in public and corporate elections, it could confidentially but reliably record votes to vastly improve confidence in a fair outcome; and in health care, clear, unalterable records would cut down on billing and patient identity fraud.

It’s a powerful breed of technology with enormous potential, and in addition to the most well-known blockchains, Bitcoin and Ethereum, hundreds of other public blockchains have recently emerged (CoinMarketCap currently lists 710 — and those are just the ones with their own cryptocurrencies.)”

Source: VentureBeat