Infographic on Artificial Intelligence in Fintech

Artificial Intelligence in Fintech
This image may be  a bit blurry – apologies – but we thought the infographic put together by CB Insights bore coverage for our readers, so we encourage you to check it out.  Artificial intelligence is the lead story for financial technology in 2017, in our opinion, and CB Insights always does a terrific job of putting information like this together in an easily digestible form.  Worth the read.
(Cindy Taylor, Publisher)

“Funding to AI startups reached record highs in 2016 and applications for artificial intelligence technologies exist across nearly the entire spectrum of business. Highlighted here are the top 100 AI startups selected by CB Insights operating across numerous industry verticals.

Using the CB Insights database, we expanded upon our AI 100 analysis to identify companies that use AI in financial services and mapped them according to the areas where they’re operating. In broad terms, our analysis includes companies whose core offering includes the application of AI to serve the financial services industry, including commercial banking and credit offerings, insurance, asset management, accounting & personal finance, as well as regulatory & compliance services. In addition, many of these companies have additional use cases beyond financial services.

Companies on the market map fall into 9 main categories:

Credit Scoring / Direct Lending: Companies in this category use AI for robust credit scoring and lending applications. Notable companies include Affirm and ZestFinance.

Assistants / Personal Finance: Companies in this category rely on an AI chat bot and mobile app assistant applications to monitor personal finances. Notable companies include Digit and Kasisto.

Quantitative & Asset Management: Companies in this category employ AI algorithmic trading and investment strategies or tools. Notable companies include Sentient Technologies and Numerai.

Insurance: Companies in this category use AI to quote and insure. Notable companies include Lemonade and Cape Analytics.

Market Research / Sentiment Analysis: Companies in this category use AI to efficiently research and measure sentiment. Notable companies include Dataminr and Alphasense.Debt Collection: Companies in this category use AI to improve creditor collection of outstanding debt through personalized and automated communication. TrueAccord and CollectAI are included in this list…”

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