International Security Agencies Begin to Embrace Blockchain

Hey, wait a minute here. What if we looked at this blockchain stuff in a different light? DUH! Our crack security agencies are starting to think MAYBE rather than looking at the distributed ledger technology (like blockchain) as a PROBLEM, perhaps it can be a SOLUTION? Oh wow! Tough to sneak up on these guys. Anyway, lets congratulate the security agencies for coming up with new ways to use the “tools of the bad guys” to their advantage. Go good guys.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Police and security agencies have so far only taken an interest in blockchain – the distributed ledger technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin – for tracking criminals hiding illegal money from banks.
But that’s changing as some civilian, police and military agencies see blockchain as a potential solution to problems they have wrestled with for years: how to secure data, but also be able to share it in a way that lets the owner keep control.

Australia, for example, has recently hired HoustonKemp, a Singapore-based consultancy, to build a blockchain-based system to record intelligence created by investigators and others, and improve the way important information is shared.

“They’ve been trying for years to come up with a centralised platform, but people are reluctant to share information,” said Adrian Kemp, who runs the consultancy, which was awarded a A$1 million ($757,500) grant by AUSTRAC, Australia’s financial intelligence agency, and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Blockchain’s appeal for data sharing is threefold.
Its ledger, or database, is not controlled by any single party and is spread across multiple computers, making it hard to break. Once entered, any information cannot be altered or tampered with. And, by using so-called smart contracts, the owner of information can easily tweak who has access to what.

It’s a sign of how far blockchain technology has come within a decade since the publication of a pseudonymous paper describing bitcoin and the blockchain ledger that would record transactions in it…”

Full Story published at from Reuters on 12/3/17
“For security agencies, blockchain goes from suspect to potential solution”