Internet of Things (IoT) Threat Assessment for 2018

Internet of Things

What are the biggest threats out there?  GLOBAL WARMING? Nope. VOLCANOES? Nope. SEXUAL HARASSMENT? Nope and nope. We are talking everyday threats from hacking, data breach and cybersecurity attacks. So, how can these constant threats be contained and quit causing headaches and, of course, loss of money? No matter how secure you think things are…..they are not (just ask some bitcoin folks). Well perhaps the Internet of Things (IoT) has something to do with it. And here you thought that your BFF (Echo, etc) really liked you. Take a few moment to have a great read. And watch the volcanic activity.
(Bill Taylor/CEO)

“Cybersecurity can cause organizational migraines. In 2016, breaches cost businesses nearly $4 billion and exposed an average of 24,000 records per incident. In 2017, the number of breaches is anticipated to rise by 36%. The constant drumbeat of threats and attacks is becoming so mainstream that businesses are expected to invest more than $93 billion in cyber defenses by 2018. Even Congress is acting more quickly to pass laws that will — hopefully — improve the situation.

Despite increased spending and innovation in the cybersecurity market, there is every indication that the situation will only worsen. The number of unmanaged devices being introduced onto networks daily is increasing by orders of magnitude, with Gartner predicting there will be 20 billion in use by 2020. Traditional security solutions will not be effective in addressing these devices or in protecting them from hackers, which should be a red flag, as attacks on IoT devices were up 280% in the first part of 2017. In fact, Gartner anticipates a third of all attacks will target shadow IT and IoT by 2020.

This new threat landscape is changing the security game. Executives who are preparing to handle future cybersecurity challenges with the same mindset and tools that they’ve been using all along are setting themselves up for continued failure…”

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