Intralinks To Celebrate Women in Finance With Events in Europe and US

NEW YORK, June 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Intralinks®, the world’s leading virtual data room (VDR) provider, announced today that it will host Women in Finance events in Paris on June 6, Amsterdam on June 14, Chicago on June 21 and Frankfurt on June 28. Intralinks’ Women in Finance events are an ongoing worldwide series of networking and professional development meetings specifically for women in the world of business, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, legal and private equity.

“We want to help cultivate a community in which women in our industry can network with their peers and share their experiences, both professionally and personally,” said Ann Mahon, Vice President, Global Marketing. “Historically speaking, the financial services and financial technology arenas have been largely male-dominated. We envision a future in which the scales are balanced.”

Intralinks’ Women in Finance initiative, which was launched on International Women’s Day, provides access to industry insights, unique content and opportunities to build support networks in the FinTech industry.

“Intralinks strives to foster an environment where diversity and inclusion are priorities and where the quality of the work – not the gender, race or background of the person producing it – is what matters. Those ideals are the foundation upon which the Women in Finance events are built,” said Leif O’Leary, CEO of Intralinks.

Keynote speakers at the upcoming events include:

Paris: Armelle Carminati, the founder and CEO of Axites-Invest and author

Amsterdam: Frances Coppola, a financial writer and commentator

Chicago: Chrisanne Corbett, the managing director at KPMG Corporate Finance, and Catherine Chavez, who serves as finance director McDonald’s

Frankfurt: Tanya Beckett, a broadcaster, presentation coach, speaker, panel moderator, conference host and presenter of BBC World News’ Business Live program

To learn more about Intralinks and it Women in Finance events, including how to register to attend, please visit