Invest in American Fintech – InvestFeed

Note from the Publisher:  We usually feature VC rounds AFTER the fact on FintekNews, but as part of our 2017 commitment to further help the American fintech industry, we also want to feature INVESTING opportunities.  So today, we’re featuring a new site called Investfeed, which is currently seeking a seed round of $1M.  There are already a number of social trading sites out there, including Stocktwits, eToro, ZuluTrade, CopyOp and many more all over the globe.  Still this is a popular new way to invest and trade, and there is always a quest to perfect the user experience.  We like the layout and format of this new site, and are rooting for them.  Check out their overview below and if you’re interested in a conversation with them, ping me at the contact info at the end of the story.  Here’s their 90 second pitch…………

InvestFeed is the first-to-market fully transparent social network where investors connect their brokerage and tap into the wisdom of the crowd to beat the markets together, in addition. They have recently rolled out a financial jobs board, career profiles, and advanced search capabilities where financial market professionals can manage their professional identity, connect with industry peers, and land their dream job.

The co-founders worked on Wall Street’s largest trading floors and realized the lack of transparency that costs retail investors $100+ billion per year. They built investFeed to reinvent how the world makes investment decisions through crowd intelligence. This eliminates the need to depend on news, media, advisors “robo-advisors”, money managers and portfolio apps for investment ideas. The wisdom of crowds has a far more important and beneficial impact on our everyday lives than we recognize, and it’s implications for the future are immense. Crowd intelligence has now proved itself as investors are able to limit losses, save time, and make money instantly. This is the much needed “paradigm shift” that is required to be successful in the financial markets today.

InvestFeed’s mission is to build the world’s largest financial community that’s open, transparent, and connected reinventing the way Wall Street and Main Street network. With platforms like Motif Investing and eToro who have raised upwards of $50M+ investFeed sees the ability to not only conquer this space but be the next “LinkedIn for the financial markets”.

Some statistics: 92% of millennials don’t trust financial media or brokerage firms and the industry is changing overnight. The market for financial data, news, and research is valued at over $26 billion, with approximately 90MM equity investors, giving us a $70 million market opportunity. The barriers to what we’ve created is high. Our goal is to capture a modest portion of the billion dollar platform space and sell by 2020 to a legacy provider with a high-degree of capital.

InvestFeed is raising a seed round through strategic investors and interested parties. 

Contact FintekNews publisher Cindy Taylor to request an introduction to the team at cindy(at)fintegration(dot)net.