Online Investing Platform For Science StartUps

Note from the Publisher:  Investing in science startups can be wildly profitable if they hit upon a big new idea, but just incredibly daunting.  For gosh sakes, I can barely understand my stepdaughter, who’s a PhD in clinical pharmacolgy, when she’s simply telling me about office politics at her lab, let alone try to understand how to invest in the sector.  Hence, online platforms like Propel(x) help angel investors navigate through these complexities and find the hottest new scientific start ups to invest in.   

“Propel(x), an online angel investment platform for science and tech startups, has announced the launch of the Propel(x) Channel program.  The platform also revealed its first channel partner, Breakout Labs, a seed-stage fund for science startups that operates out of the Thiel Foundation. Breakout Labs conducts scientific and investment diligence on companies that apply and has funded 28 startups since 2012. All of Breakout Labs new investments, as well as their alumni, will be able to raise capital through the Breakout Labs channel on Propel(x).”

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