Islamic Finance Robo-Advisor Launches

Note from the Publisher:  I won’t get into the long details here, but for a brief moment in time, my husband and I took a good long look at moving to Malaysia.  Didn’t ultimately happen, probably for the best, but in the process he connected with a number of firms and regulators involved in Islamic Finance there and also explored the category more deeply.  We’re not Islamic, but it turns out 2 billion people on the planet are, so when we saw that the world’s firm Islamic Finance robo-advisor had been launched, we thought “WOW, why did nobody think of this before now?”  Wahed is launching in the US, but has plans to roll out to over 100 countries worldwide in 2017.  Seems like this is a slam dunk to us.

“NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Wahed Invest Inc. announces the launch of Wahed, the world’s first automated Islamic investment platform, with the aim of providing access to halal portfolio management for 2 billion Muslims around the world. The proprietary platform uses real-time, state-of-the-art software that is fully automated and uses customized financial optimization algorithms.

The Wahed platform analyzes thousands of securities worldwide to create portfolio allocations with the highest growth potential for its clients. The firm is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and is continually monitored by its Ethical Review Board. The board has some of the most prestigious names in international ethical finance, including Sheikh Taha Abdul-Basser, former Islamic Chaplin at Harvard University and Shari’ah Board member of Fajr Capital.

In addition to being the world’s first truly automated ethical investment platform, Wahed is also revolutionizing access to high-quality financial advice by reducing minimum investment barriers. According to the CEO, Mr. Junaid Wahedna, “Sophisticated investment management services were previously available only to wealthy investors through financial advisors. We believe that the first step to ethical investing begins with access for anyone that wants to invest ethically. By implementing a completely digital-based solution, which is informed and supervised by world-class financial expertise, Wahed democratizes access to the best financial advice for investors the world over. We are able to offer the most advanced portfolio management for investments as little as $7,500, as opposed to the usual $500,000 minimum required by most wealth management firms.”

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