Just Say No to Robots

Note from the Publisher:  Our crack editorial team at FintekNews is once again at it, uncovering another (wholly fictional) tale of robotic discrimination by a giant in the wealth management sector.   

The robot minority group has been on quite a roll lately.  Affirmative action (technology) has allowed the robots to enter into fields that were once considered off limits to them.  Indeed, robots were previously discriminated against.  However, the last few years robots have been allowed into manufacturing, banking, legal wealth management (Series 7, 65, etc), trading and (gasp) even allowed to drive cars. 

Even Saudi women can’t do that (at least legally).

So, it came with great shock and disappointment when Raymond James announced that it would not (like in “no”) pursue a robo advisor program.  Now young robots everywhere are deeply concerned that they will not be able to grow up to become wealth advisors. 

A supreme court test looming???