Sleeping & Waiting for the Snow

March 13 Daily Review-Markets & Featuring the KBW NASDAQ Fintech Index KFTX

Blizzard fears. Way bother to get up and trade and maybe get caught in the oncoming blizzard when you can just sleep in. Nothing happening anyway, or at least till Wednesday’s FOMC decision to raise interest rates (yeah, its gonna happen). So with that backdrop the major indexes just wandered throughout the day. Some up, some down but going nowhere. Snore.

In the fintech sector, the KFTX finished at 113.29, up 1.99 points (+0.17%) with advancing issues (32) taking the lead over declining issues (17)  and leaving 1 lonely stock unchanged. Let explore the 50 stocks in the KFTX and hunt down the ones that got up this morning and managed to move 2 points and/or 3% today.

TREE  +2.00  (120.90)

Yeah, only 1 stock which kind of sums up the day.

Tomorrow? Expect really slow activity since this oncoming blizzard is supposed to be a real disruptive force. While there may be some other news to watch nothing will matter until we hear what the Fed has to say AFTER they keep their promise and raise rates on Wednesday. (thought; if everyone knows the answer to a question the teacher will ask in school tomorrow, does the actual question & answer count? Just wondering) So, sleep in and enjoy the day off.