KFTX Fintech Index-2/9 Daily Closing Analysis

Jumping higher. A few days of sleepy and dull followed by a sharp move up to new highs. Pause, pause pause……….jump. If this were a casino (it’s NOT?) they would bring you drinks while you placed bets. Damn. In any event, the KFTX jumped up 10.51 points (+0.95%) to close at another new high at 1120.06.

As you might imagine, the breadth was very strong with 41 issues gaining and 9 issues anti-gaining. All 50 stocks moved so none unchanged today. Let’s find the stocks that moved 2 points and or 3% today.

ACIW  +.65  (19.73)  +3.41%
ADS  +2.88  (228.64)
BOFI  +.96  (29.53)  +3.36%
CME  +2.01  (118.58)
DNB  -20.59  (101.88) -16.81%   (whoa, someone didn’t get the rally memo)
EEFT  +2.87  (79.77)  +3.73%
EFX +6.14  (128.13)  +5.03%
FICO  +2.46  (125.43)
FLT  +16.61  (167.86)  +10.98%   (yeah, got the memo here)
HAWK  +1.25  (38.15)  +3.39%
LC  +.25  (6.45)  +4.03%
MSCI  -2.28  (90.33) 
RATE  -.35  (10.75)  -3.15%
TRI  -1.44  (43.24)  -3.22%
WEX  +3.51  (118.57)  +3.05%

So, an expanded list compared to the last few day.

Well, they say (whoever “they” are) tress don’t grow to the sky, but I just checked out back and by golly I do believe I saw a tree bumping the blue. It just keeps growing. No risk at all out in fintech land. I still maintain that caution is in order BUT I certainly respect the panic buying scenario as well. Tomorrow? Probably back to dull and sleepy. You all have a nice evening, I see a martini calling.

By Bill Taylor-CEO, Fintegration/FintekNews & CIO, TLC Capital Group