KFTX Fintech Index-2/22 Daily Closing Analysis

Snooze. So tired, can’t stay awake, must sleep. Yup, that’s the KFTX lately and today FOR SURE. So take a break from napping and learn that the KFTX lost .37 to close at 1139.12. That’s a negative 0.03% and is virtually unchanged from yesterday. Back to sleep again.

The fintech index has 50 stocks in it and we know most of them just didn’t bother to get up this morning, BUT there usually are a couple that actually DO work (trade) and we will stalk them down. But they must have moved 2 points and/or 3% to get our attention. Let’s look.

MKTX  +2.28  (195.02)
VRSK  -2.96  (82.23)  -3.47%

So that’s it. Looks like there were 20 stocks up, 27 down and 3 unchanged with the note that a whole bunch of issues only had a couple pennies of change (virtually unchanged). Rest of the week looks like repeats of the last few days…………sleepy. Have a good evening.