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Kickstarter Launches New Funding Platform for Artists & Creators


So, you want to be a famous author but can’t get past the first two pages of that novel you’ve been meaning to write for the last 5 years?  Or you dream of being a rock star, but you can’t carry a tune for the life of you?  No worries – now you can fund your passion through a muse.  Kickstarter has launched a new site – Drip – which enables you to fund the work of artists and creators, a/k/a become a philanthropist!  Right now, there’s a limited mix of 61 creative types up on the site, and it’s a pretty diverse mix of artistic genius.  A “free-form feminist project & streetwear band”, a self-proclaimed “Jackass” podcaster and a “Well Read Black Girl” make up just a few of the eclectic offerings available for backing.  Very cool.
(Cindy Taylor/Publisher)

Today, Kickstarter launches a new way to fund interesting projects. It’s called Drip and rather than pledging a certain amount of money to one project, it lets you subscribe to a creator and give them monthly payments. Drip was a standalone subscription platform, but Kickstarter bought it last year just as it was set to shutdown. It has now been retooled by Kickstarter and though it’s largely similar to other subscription crowdfunding sites, such as Patreon, Drip does have a couple of features that set it apart from the rest.

First, it adopts Kickstarter’s time limit model, though in a slightly different way. While Kickstarter requires creators to get fully funded within in a certain time window, Drip doesn’t. The account will remain active no matter how much money is pledged. But to encourage people to subscribe, it lets creators pick a certain amount of time — current Drip creators have chosen anything between seven and 30 days — in which funders can become founding members. If they pledge within that window, they’ll get special perks…”

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