Lawnmower Investment App

Note from the Publisher:  No, fellow fintech enthusiasts, we are not featuring a fancy fintech that is tied to your grass-cutting (or racing) machine.  We have learned that Lawnmower (cool name!) has just upgraded their app so folks can now invest in multiple types of blockchain-based investments, including bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc. 

“Today, a new release of the acclaimed mobile app, Lawnmower is being released and it’s a game changer.

The app, which in the past allowed a user of any knowledge level to easily and regularly invest in Bitcoin, has added in capabilities that provide analyst level information on Blockchain assets, allows for easy and regular purchases of Bitcoin (and other cryptos soon to follow) and introduces the Lawnmower Blockchain Index, which is an index of the leading Blockchain assets.  The newly upgraded tool allows even the most casual user access to data and information on the growing cryptocurrency markets, including information on Ethereum, The DAO, Lisk, Factom, Ripple and of course, Bitcoin.”

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