Legal Beagles form Blockchain Consortium

Note from the CEO:  Lawyers uniting and agreeing? That in itself is scary. But wait, a whole lot of law firms are getting together to look out for the constitutional rights and civil liberties of the innovators of the new technology. Who says all lawyers are bad? Go legal beagles.

“More than 50 prominent US attorney from 40-plus law firms have joined together to form the Digital Currency and Ledger Defense Coalition (DCLDC).

This coalition brings together dozens of the top attorneys from around the country who focus on digital currency and distributed ledger legal issues in a united effort to protect the individual constitutional rights and civil liberties of innovators experimenting with these promising new blockchain technologies, said a statement.

Brian Klein, partner at Baker Marquart LLP and the chair of the DCLDC, said: “Law enforcement and regulatory actions relating to this technology have been steadily increasing over time and are all too often misdirected or premature. It is all too common for responsible entrepreneurs and companies to be subjected to unfair scrutiny by some federal or state agency, which, at a minimum

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