LendingRobot Tries to Lure In Wealth Managers & Institutional Investors

At times, it can be a bit challenging to understand what exactly a fintech does, and we confess we had to dig a bit to figure this one out.  LendingRobot is actually and SEC-Registered RIA.  Doesn’t sound like it, but it is, and they offer investments in alternative lending – a/k/a marketplace lending – via Prosper, Lending Club & Funding Circle.  According to their website, “LendingRobot fully automates peer lending investments for individuals in a cost effective and easy to use way. It aims to bring superior returns at low risk by combining cloud technologies with machine-learning algorithms.” 

The firm offers three tiers of products:

  • “Series – The first robo-fund for alternative lending. Fully managed algorithmic investment across multiple platforms.
  • Professional – The flexible and transparent alternative lending solution for wealth managers, (and)
  • Classic – Automated management of your existing LendingClub, Prosper or Funding Circle accounts.”

They also recently launched a new fund – LendingRobot Professional (referenced above) aimed more specifically at wealth managers.  This firm will be an interesting one to watch and appears to compete with Colorado-based NSR Invest, which we’ve previously featured, and which provides a similar marketplace lending offering for wealth managers & institutional investors.
(Cindy Taylor, Publisher)

“LendingRobot Series has launched a new fund offering exposure to alternative lending specifically designed for institutional investors called “LendingRobot Professional”.

Based in Seattle, Washington, LendingRobot recently raised more than $3m in Series A funding led by Runa Capital, and it now offers a fully automated investment service for peer lending platforms including Lending Club and Prosper. After signing up for an account, investors select their risk tolerance and enable LendingRobot to instantly make investments on their behalf.

Launched just two months ago LendingRobot Series has already received a third of its current subscription limit, the firm says.

It is now seeing “significant interest” in its LendingRobot Series offering from wealth managers and family offices. The new launch will add in more advisor-focused features and functionality to Lending Robot’s fully automated fund for alternative lending….”

Source:  AltFi